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What is TIS Returns policy?
We strive to ensure that every product that you (The Retailer) purchase from TIS provides your end-user with a top quality product that they can enjoy without interruption. However should a product fail or become faulty then TIS provides the best Returns procedure to you in Ireland and the UK. Everyone is aware that in dealing in the technology & AV trade that a certain % of products will become faulty at some stage and this % is lower or higher dependant on the brand concerned. Tier 1 brands have a low % failure rate whereas Tier 2 brands have a higher % failure, this is primarily because Tier 2 brands are substantially cheaper than Tier 1 brands and consequently those savings lead to a higher % failure rate. We understand that having any product returned to you by an End-user is not an ideal situation and we want to make sure that the process of taking care of this situation is as painless as possible for all parties concerned. The first step in this process is to ensure that the product has in fact a manufacturer’s fault, so all fault’s have to be verified by you the retailer and this fault needs to be noted down as we will require it as part of the returns process, the more detail that is provided here, the better. TIS will not accept any products back for RMA that have obvious signs of end-user damage. TIS provide, for all brands that we distribute, a brand new replacement service for all faulty products that fail within 28 days (DOA) of your end-users Proof of Purchase (POP),these products will have to be received back by TIS complete with packaging & all accessories incl. manuals. After this initial 28 day period each brand that we distribute have a seperate RMA process for Warranty Repair (WR) and each of these is detailed below.

Please note that all user-data must be securely removed prior to return. Total Import Solutions accepts no responsibility for data.

The following are definitions of relevant terms that are used here.

End User’s Proof of Purchase (POP) is typically a receipt generated by an electronic till or a POS computer system. The POP has to clearly show, the retailers full trading name, the date that the transaction took place and a description of the product sold.

Dead On Arrival (DOA) is defined as a product that does not work on first use out of the box with an End-User. DOA is also covered where products fail within a short period after first use i.e. within a couple of days of first turning on. TIS understand that products can be purchased by end-users as gift items and therefore may not be used or opened for a period after the POP date. Therefore we will consider any product that has failed within 28 days of the Retailers POP date as being a DOA once the product does not show any signs of excessive use during this 28 day period and the TIS invoice that the product was originally purchased on is dated within 9 months of the POP date. As described already, the retailer has to verify the fault that the end-user has reported and also detail this fault on TIS’ online RMA system. Once TIS has received the relevant product back and the fault has been verified then DOA’s are replaced by TIS with a brand new replacement product within 3-5 days of receipt of the faulty unit. TIS reserve the right to replace a DOA product with a product of a higher specification and from a comparative manufacturer. If the Product received on an DOA request is not complete (ie. It’s missing a charger, cables, remote etc.) then the customer will only receive back replacement units for what they sent in originally.

Warranty Repair (WR) is defined as a product that fails to work during the warranty period that is covered by the brand manufacturer, this is typically 12 months but some manufacturers offer longer periods and this is detailed below for each manufacturer.

Returns Material Aurhorisation (RMA) is defined as an authorisation provided by TIS to return faulty product to us. The RMA will be identified by a unique number that is specific to the product that you have requested to return as faulty

TIS Returns Procedure
Processing your RMA If you want to return a product that you have verified as faulty to TIS then you have to request a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) No. from our online webite. This is a very simple and straight forward process and requires you to process some information for us so that we can handle your RMA request for you as efficiently as possible. You will need the invoice number from the invoice on which you bought the product from us. You may also use the search facility on the system to find this Invoice Ref. No. and you may process multiple RMA’s at the same time. You will also need information like the serial no. of the unit, a detailed fault report and a copy of the end users proof of purchase, dated within the last 28 days. You can also add in details like your own unique reference No. that wll help you track your RMA from your own records.

Logistics & Packaging : All RMA requests received by TIS will be treated either as a Dead on Arrival (DOA) or as a warranty repair (WR) within the manufacturer’s warranty period. All RMA Requests must be submitted with your end User's Proof of Purchase (POP), any RMA requests received without a POP will be declined immediately. Once you have processed your RMA request with TIS on our Web-site you will receive from us an email confirming that we have received your RMA request and that it is being processed (see Figure 2 below). Once we have processed your RMA request and the information in it is valid then you will receive another email from us with your RMA no. together with simple instructions that include the packaging of the faulty product and also where to display the RMA No. on the package (See Fig 3 & 4 below). You may process multiple RMA’s at the same time but you will receive a separate RMA No. for each individual product, please ensure that this RMA no. is attached to each product as products received back to TIS with incorrect or invalid RMA No.’s will immediately be sent back to you.

As soon as you receive the RMA No. from us we will book and pay for a courier to call to your premises the following day to collect the package(s) on your RMA request. Please ensure that everything is ready for collection for the courier. If the goods are not ready for collection when the courier calls then TIS will receive a report from our courier detailing this and the collection request automatically cancels, the onus is then on you to send the goods back to us at your own expense. Please note that RMA No.’s are valid for 7 days from date of issue and if TIS do not receive the goods back before these 7 days then the RMA becomes void and you will have to go through the procedure again to apply for a new RMA No.

Receipt, Fault Verification & Resolution: TIS will receive the goods back from you the day after the courier collects from your premises. We receive the goods in to our RMA centre and we scan the details from the RMA label on to our system. Our technicians check off all the parts received back and log these on to our RMA system, they also verify details like serial no.’s and part codes at this stage. Our technician’s will then verify the fault as described by you with the product. Please note that this is required by all manufacturers. Once the fault has been verified the RMA can be completed and closed off. You will then receive back a new replacement unit where the RMA is for a DOA or the unit will be repaired or replaced where the RMA was for a WR. We endeavour to turn around RMA’s within 48-72 hours of receipt in to our RMA Centre.

If a product returned to us has obvious signs of user damage or if we cannot verify the fault as described or if there is no fault found with the product then it will be returned immediately to you. If a product returned to us does not match the details on the RMA No. that it was returned on then this will be returned to you.
Please do not return faulty products to us without an RMA No. as these will be returned to you.

TIS Offer 28 Day DOA on all brands supplied including the following:

Please Note: Fujitsu look after the warranty on all PRO PCs from day one. TIS do not offer a 28 day DOA on these models.

TIS offer a Warranty Repair Service on the following brands:

The Following Brands operate their own warranty repair service, please see contact numbers below:
CANON ( Digital Camera's) 1890-200-563
TOSHIBA TV 01-2467780
FUJITSU 1890-927-272
ACER / PACKARD BELL : 01-4378367
AOC 0044-203-455-8083
ASUS 1890-719-918
BLUE DIAMOND 0044-8712-000-463
BOSCH 0044-8448-929-021
BUSH 0044-8448-929-021
DELL 01-2044014
DGTEC 1800-812-712 / 01-6205618
HP 01-4118932 / 1890-946-500
LENOVO 1890-928-860
LG 01-6869454 
PHILIPS (Signage Solutions, Monitors, Hotel/Hospitality TV): 01-6011161 
PHILIPS (Retail TVs) (Retailer Support Line) 01-5245442 
PHILIPS (Retail TVs) (Consumer Contact Centre) 01-5245445
SAMSUNG 0818-717-100
SHARP 01-6205611
SONY 01-4073040

Please email for the warranty repair lines for any other brands purchased from us.

To Access the online logging facility please select Submit RMA Request under the Service Menu @ OR Click Here also Please Read TIS Returns Policy.pdf to View Full Instructiopns

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